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Hi guys! Sorry I haven't written a journal in a while but I'm bad keeping up with journals and stuff. ANYWAYS finally getting to my point, I watched Cyberbully with my girlfriend on Netflix. I've seen it a few times before on TV but I haven't watched it in a year or two. Watching it again and seeing it when I'm officially a teenager makes me realize just how much you can find the stuff in that movie play out in real life. It's kind of sad. It's sad to see how parents can only realize half of what's going on. It bug the crap out of me too to know that bystanders aren't doing anything about it. In the movie there is a scene where the main character and the boy she likes are in a dinner talking after she tried to commit suicide. The boy and her talked and he said he'd seen stuff like that before but had done nothing about it. He also mentioned that when she attempted it he felt sick and felt like it was his fault (they had agreed to go to the spring fling together but he was forced to go with someone else) because he didn't go with her. At the end it mentions that around 34 states have laws against cyber bulling and I looked it up and my state does greatfully. I just wanted to rant and blah blah blah rawr rawr raw. Anyways thank you for actually listening and stuff. I hope none you cyber bully and if you do I will hunt you down! XD anyways bye bye~


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:D I like jam!..... Here's some advice.... 1) Don't die in the hunger games... 2) don't enslave the Neos! 3) eat jam.... and cake... and sweets... 4) be happy!

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D'aaaw baba you don't need to treat me like some Queen. I'm just a random person who makes..freakishly good phucked up stuff to innocent MangAnime characters? But thank you as always I really really appreciate it. It's nice to know that there are people out there just as messed up in the head as me doing these kinda things for entertainment. I'ma carry on being weird until i die because thats who i am and no tit head is gonna stop me LAWLZ. <3
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